“The community is the best resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the platform. Jeff Douglas and Wes Nolte, are two of the communities most active and respected members. The Salesforce Handbook is as close as you can get to bottling the combined experience of Jeff and Wes into a book designed to get new developers building apps in no time. They just made my job so much easier!”

Quinton Wall
Developer Evangelist,

“This book is great! I’ve been a Salesforce Admin for over 4 years and I thought I knew a lot. But I started to expand my knowledge the minute I began reading this book. It’s well written and really is the perfect fit between the Dummies series and Visualforce guides. In my opinion it’s a must have for any admin!”

Mike Gerholdt
Popular blogger /Certified Advanced Administrator

“This is a pragmatic and clear guide to using and building applications in the cloud. Jeff and Wes spend their days building awesome applications on the platform, and this experience and skill is very apparent throughout the book. A must read!”

Jon Mountjoy
Community Manager & Editor-In-Chief,

“The Handbook provides a broad, high-level view of the platform with all of the information you need to get started. It’s a definite asset to any new administrator or developer.”

Ron Hess
Developer Evangelist,

“Online searches for Salesforce related topics will inevitably lead you to Wes or Jeff’s blog. To have their knowledge captured in a single, thorough reference is simply awesome.”

Mike Leach
Business Applications Development, Facebook

“The Salesforce Handbook is an essential reference tool for any developer, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner. Jeff and Wes describe routines and strategies most needed in Enterprise development.”

Kyle Roche
President & CEO, Isidorey Cloud Solutions

“The Salesforce Handbook is priceless. For new and experienced developers alike, this book is a ‘must have’.”

Scott Hemmeter
Owner, Arrowpointe Corp.

“Indispensable resource that skillfully explains the advantages of cloud computing, provides best practice for coding in the cloud, not to mention provides many great tips and recipes that will keep even seasoned developers continually coming back for more. A book you can’t afford not to have!”

Joel Dietz
CEO, Titania, Inc.

“The handbook is an excellent resource for the administrator seeking to improve skills and for the beginning developer, whether a trained programmer or an administrator. The handbook provides a bridge from administration to development for Salesforce CRM power users, and introduces the platform to novices. It should be a part of any discussion on 101.”

David Schach
President, X-Squared On Demand

“An essential guide to; from honing the skills you already have to stretching you to try things with Salesforce you thought ‘only developers’ could do. Jeff and Wes provide information and instruction that’s not only easy to grasp but the kind of things that will make you a hero in your organization. It’s the ‘I’ve got Salesforce, so now what’ guide to applying the power of the cloud to real business situations and making the most of your Salesforce investment.”

Jeff Grosse
Founder, & The Salesforce Channel


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