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Win Free Books at Dreamforce

30 Aug

Wes and I are attending Dreamforce this week in San Francisco and are giving away free copies of our book throughout the event. Keep your eyes open on Twitter and this blog for more info on where and how you can score a free copy.

Here’s your first chance to get a free copy. Attend my Lightning Forum session, “How to Crowdsource Cloud Development”, at 1:30 in the Dev Zone. Be the first person after the session to ask me a CloudSpokes question and somehow work Wes Nolte’s birth country into the question.


Salesforce Handbook Now Available on

19 May

The Salesforce Handbook is now available on (finally)!¬†Here’s the link to the book. We would love it if some people could add some reviews. That would be really #superfrickinawesome!.

You can still purchase the print and PDF versions of the book at which are a bit cheaper. I guess the premium is for being able to find the book easier.

Wes is working on the Kindle version of the book now so hopefully that will be available shortly.

….And we’re back!

14 Jan

Ladies, gentlemen, others. Thanks for your endless patience, our technical difficulties have been resolved and we’re back online! It’s still only up at for now but we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available at Amazon and Google Books.

Some more good news is that – due to demand – there will be an official Kindle version available really soon.

Hold Yer Horses!

7 Jan

There’s been a small hiccup with and they’ve just informed us that they need to take our listing down for a day or two. We apologise to the ends of the Earth for this, but if you check back early next week we should be raring to go once again!

Thanks very much for your patience.

Sign Up! Salesforce Handbook Notification List

8 Nov

We’ve had a lot of people ask when the handbook will be available for purchase, so instead of requiring you to check back frequently, we’ve made a handy-dandy mailing list to keep track of interested people.

Just add your info here and we’ll notify you when the handbook is available.

New Facebook Fan Page

5 Nov

Our Handbook will be released in the next few weeks so we are ramping up our social networking efforts. We just created a new Facebook Fan Page to support the book so hop on over and Like it. More good stuff should be coming out shortly. We plan on releasing some of the community reviews to whet your appetite.

Going to the Printer!

29 Oct

Wes and I are finishing up the Handbook this weekend and then it’s off to the printer on Monday morning! It’s been a long and rewarding process fitting the writing of the book in between work and family life. We’ve received some really great quotes and will be publishing them soon as teasers. The Handbook has been received by better than we ever expected!

We may have a special surprise to release on the next couple of days. So stayed tuned.

Out for Review!

1 Oct

We just sent out the (rough) chapters to the first 5 people that signed up earlier on in the week to help in the review process. Sorry if we couldn’t send a copy to you but we had to limit it to 5 since we are short on time. Thanks again for all the help, interest and support.