About the Authors

Jeff Douglas

Jeff Douglas is a highly sought-after and award-winning technologist with more than 15 years of leadership experience crafting technology solutions for companies of all sizes. His technology skills were honed during the fast and furious “dot com era,” when he provided SAP development services for Fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Disney Imagineering, Moen, and Ericsson. After years of being a lowly Java developer, in 2006 he ascended into cloud computing. He periodically writes for developer.force.com and actively tries to work the word “chartreuse” into everyday technical conversations. He speaks at industry conferences, writes for developer.force.com and enthusiastically blogs about cloud computing at http://blog.jeffdouglas.com. He is a Senior Technical Consultant at Appirio.

Wes Nolte

Wes Nolte has a long history of love for all things technology-based, with experience spanning the entire Information Technology spectrum across two continents. A relative newcomer to the cloud-computing scene he has nonetheless won several international accolades including the auspicious Force.com Developer Hero award; he also holds the much coveted title of Force.com Developer Challenge Winner.

A prevalent member in a number of development communities, his highly acclaimed input on cloud computing matters is often sought across the US, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Wes is seen as a champion of salesforce.com and the Force.com Platform, and his blog on the subject is regarded as one of the most influential in the world. From this soapbox he inspires the community by implementing and combining groundbreaking technologies in all manner of ingenious ways. His trail-blazing employment of the Force.com platform has been hugely advantageous to many of his peers in the Salesforce arena.

As the head of Cloud Computing at Telegraph Media Group, one of the most renowned media companies in the world, Wes has access to cutting edge tools long before they’re accessible in the mainstream allowing him to dabble to his heart’s delight.

Wes spent 27 years living in South Africa but now resides in North London where he feeds the ducks to relax and cycles in appropriately skinny jeans.

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