Win Free Books at Dreamforce

30 Aug

Wes and I are attending Dreamforce this week in San Francisco and are giving away free copies of our book throughout the event. Keep your eyes open on Twitter and this blog for more info on where and how you can score a free copy.

Here’s your first chance to get a free copy. Attend my Lightning Forum session, “How to Crowdsource Cloud Development”, at 1:30 in the Dev Zone. Be the first person after the session to ask me a CloudSpokes question and somehow work Wes Nolte’s birth country into the question.


Salesforce Handbook Now Available for Kindle

13 Jul

The Kindle version of the Salesforce Handbook is now available! It took us a couple of attempts to get it done properly but we did it.

It’s available at Amazon and Amazon UK for your viewing pleasure.


Salesforce Handbook Now Available on

19 May

The Salesforce Handbook is now available on (finally)! Here’s the link to the book. We would love it if some people could add some reviews. That would be really #superfrickinawesome!.

You can still purchase the print and PDF versions of the book at which are a bit cheaper. I guess the premium is for being able to find the book easier.

Wes is working on the Kindle version of the book now so hopefully that will be available shortly.

….And we’re back!

14 Jan

Ladies, gentlemen, others. Thanks for your endless patience, our technical difficulties have been resolved and we’re back online! It’s still only up at for now but we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available at Amazon and Google Books.

Some more good news is that – due to demand – there will be an official Kindle version available really soon.

Hold Yer Horses!

7 Jan

There’s been a small hiccup with and they’ve just informed us that they need to take our listing down for a day or two. We apologise to the ends of the Earth for this, but if you check back early next week we should be raring to go once again!

Thanks very much for your patience.

And we’re published!

23 Dec

After what seems like months of epic battles with the publishers we have been triumphant! The Salesforce Handbook is now available on and will be pushed to retailers such as Amazon and Google Books in the next few weeks.

On the site you’ll find both a paperback and electronic copy of the book and we’ve set the pricing such that we’re never likely to break even – but hey, a handshake and a kind word are good enough for those of our ilk.

Once again we’d like to thank all the reviewers, domain-experts and friends who’ve helped us along the journey that is writing a book. It was a massive learning experience and Jeff and I are better men for it. Merry Christmas, and hope you enjoy the book!

Buy the Salesforce Handbook!

Salesforce Handbook Review – Ron Hess

16 Nov

In addition to Quinton Wall, Ron Hess (Developer Evangelist, provided a lot of feedback for the Handbook and we really appreciate his contributions! We sent Ron the manuscript and he provided extremely valuable feedback, corrections and suggestions. I even spoke with Ron on the phone a couple of times to discuss the Handbook in more detail. Given the significant impact that Ron has made on the platform, we were grateful for his time and quote.

“The Handbook provides a broad, high-level view of the platform with all of the information you need to get started. It’s a definite asset to any new administrator or developer.”


What formats should we publish in?

15 Nov

We’re well on our way to publishing the Salesforce Handbook in the traditional, hardcopy (read old-skool) format but were wondering how much interest there might be in other formats. Here’s your chance to let us know!

Salesforce Handbook Review – Quinton Wall

12 Nov

When Wes and I were wrapping up the Handbook we knew that we wanted to get some level of support from We were hoping someone might review the book for us and possibly provide us with some sort of quote for credibility. We were hoping the Developer Evangelism team would help out since we have a good relationship with most of them. We would have loved to have reviews and quotes from all of them (actually everyone on the team has helped out in some manner but VMforce and DF10 are coming up fast) but our first thought was to reach out to Quinton Wall and Ron Hess given their backgrounds.

Quinton was the first person that we asked to review our book and boy did he come through! Quinton read the book over the weekend and had a large number of comments for us Monday morning. We really appreciate his input and the following quote he provided.

”The community is the best resource for anyone wishing to learn more about the platform. Jeff Douglas and Wes Nolte, are two of the communities most active and respected members. The Salesforce Handbook is as close as you can get to bottling the combined experience of Jeff and Wes into a book designed to get new developers building apps in no time. They just made my job so much easier!”

Free Copies of the Salesforce Handbook at DF10

11 Nov

Wes and I have been working with and Appirio to give away some free copies of our Handbook at Dreamforce. We’ll be doing it in conjunction with our sessions, the Zone and a yet to be announced awesome, fun “certification exam”.

More info to come as Dreamforce approaches.